Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sure way to bridge the communication gap between teams -Web 2.0 for development

Most people feel social Media is unprofessional, I attended a web 2.0 for development that changed my perspective on social media. I feel social media can effectively be used in various professions to ease communication between teams in offices. Social Media can be applied in business, agriculture and education sector to improve communication and make sharing of information easier. ‪#‎web2fordev

 Although I have been using social media tools like Facebook, skype, Google hangouts and blogger for some time, the workshop enlightened me on how to use these tools to aid personal development. At the same time I have learnt how I can apply this in my career and work. After this training I am capable of using these tools to develop a better Malawi. I have learnt how to collaborate team’s tasks online without necessarily setting up a physical meeting. Another important lesson I learnt was how to effectively search for information using Google in order to get only the information I require. The creating of online surveys and getting data was also an important lesson to me.  I intend to practice and explore further on the various social media tools and skills I have learnt in the workshop. I hope to apply these in my profession.
To pass on the knowledge gained in this workshop I will organize my team and share a social media tool a day. This will enable the team to practice using the tool for that particular day. I hope to begin sharing on remote collaboration. I am sure this will ease the office having to copy every edited version of a particular assignment to a flash disk and sharing among the team.

I look forward to sharing with others how web 2.0 can not only change the agriculture sector in our country but also how it can be used to bridge the communication gap in our offices.